Higher Capacity & Special Water Heaters


The boiler of the water heater is hot dip galvalinsed. Galvanizing protects the iron sheet from rusting. The Hotex Premium boasts of a magnesium anode-The Magnesium Anode Plus feature. The Magnesium Anode provides cathodic protection inside the boiler. It is attacked by the dissolved salts in the water and is “sacrificed” in preference to the boiler body. This arrests corrosion and enhances the life of the boiler.


  • Copper sheathed elements.

    Magnesium Anode protection- extra-large size and replaceable.

    Thermal safety cut-out, manually resettable.

    Rated voltage - 220-240V, 50-60 Hz.

    Wattage:-2.9-3.1, 4.7-5.2 & 8.0-9.0 kW. 

    Available capacities : - 120,150,180,200,300,400 & 500 Ltrs.