Gl Model (Glass lined Model)


"HOTEX GL PLUS ELECTRIC WATER HEATERS" - A clear winner with great looks and matching performance.

  • Steel Boiler: The thick steel boiler provides strength, while the extra thick inert glass coating provides protection against corrosion. This ensures clean and hygienic water for years.

    Magnesium Anode: Extra-large size and easily replaceable, provides catholic protection inside the boiler. It is attacked by the dissolved salts in water and is “sacrificed” in preference to the boiler body. This arrests corrosion and further enhances the life of the boiler.

    Heating Element: Flange type, easy to replace. The large flange opening ensures superior cleaning and uniform enameling, resulting in longer life. It also facilitates easy cleaning and maintenance during use. 

    Wattage: 1.6-1.8 & 2.1-2.4 kW

    Available capacities: - 30, 50,80 & 100 Ltrs